Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Sex is the thrusting enjoyment of finding that magical spot that exceeds all emotions mind, body and soul. I wonder at times how the fantasy of just that simple task could aware every physically nonexistent nasty bone in your body. It is this form of fornication that any and everyone has in common whether coming of age or hitting menopause. When does it become too much? When it clouds your every reasonable judgment just to have another taste. You know he/she is no good but just the thought of being inside of them or taking every inch of their sweet madness overweighs even the simplest of equations. I don’t think its wrong to indulge in dangerous as long as you know its place, it’s coming to accept and explore your boundaries that will keep you sane NOT denial. As I sit here listening to Pleasure P’s “Under” I wonder to myself what kind of mental state of mind do you have to be in to fully understand the mind of a freak? I personally do not believe in that word I would rather like to call them intricate detailers of sexual splendor. There. That’s a much better description. If I break down every possible avenue of a sexual encounter it all has one thing in common; finding that perfect match to your sexual hunger. Some are so lucky as to involve the mental state of mind into their love escapades, this to me is the pinnacle of LOVE MAKING. When you can shut your eyes and see every intense color of the rainbow, as your body takes in this overwhelming burst of uncontrollable calmness. Every touch is rarer than the last and you experience the link between here and love’s heaven. Not all your sexual endeavors will be as lucky as this but I believe that something positive can be found even in your worst horror story. Some are better at it than others and for this they are sometimes categorized as sluts, whores, and professionals; but to me only when they have poor practice habits is when they become a danger to this sacred form of ecstasy. I’m not saying spreading your love thin is acceptable but I am saying if you are going to dive deep into your own world while sharing it with others be sure the decision you have made is the right one. People always can talk a good game but if you aren’t ready don’t jump into the fire without a hose. Sex is beautiful but when not in the right mind frame it can have many faces. Never let others dictate to you because most likely they will be far off from what you want or desire, and suppressing your desires only turn from minor to major. Not all of our choices in life are going to be right but more of them will be accommodating than outwardly explainable.  Some women/men can’t explain their attraction to an unfair sexual situation, but at the end of the day its sex. Never feel like you have to make an excuse for the same thing your friends enjoy as you do, when you are MENTALLY ready to PHYSICALLY detach yourself from someone you will do it but until then enjoy what the situation is there for. Explore every inch of yourself whether alone or not and figure out what makes you peak to even the farthest corner of your unknown. Some people only get as far as their appetizer rarely feeding upon their feast. Having only one life to live and one mind/body to please they go hand in hand so don’t deny either what it desires whether it be knowledge or love. Heartbreak will come and go, so if we got to go through the storm we should at least know how to comfortably swim deep.