Saturday, May 30, 2009


Naked is my thing, to strip myself exclusively for the world to see. To caress what another has to ask to experience. Love for many is an act of stretched kindness and a blind sited reason to cry, be obsessive, or just occupy their time so as to not have to focus on themselves. And yet project anger onto their loved ones for the simple pleasure of taking it out on their spouse. Whatever the reason may be its never a good enough reason to miss out on how you can take out the time to fall in love with yourself again or for the first time. To be able to touch yourself and view yourself in a way that no one else can see but you. I strip myself at times and just look in the mirror, because I already know what's going on in my head but do I always have a clear vision of myself? It's nice at times to go back to the basics of love, lust and personal self enjoyment. Like when I first got my boobs, my first bra, bikini and first compliments entering my womanhood. I once entered a moment in my life when I gained weight and hated the space I was in. Sometimes my hair didnt lay right, makeup would never look up to par, clothes not fitting or falling JUST right. Is it all in your mind but rarely projected into your visual persona? Sometimes I lay in bed and I move in a position that makes my body pleasing from the corner of my eye. Or when Im in the shower I try to catch a glimpse, do you love what you see? You may think its easy to say when you THINK someone else has it easy from the outside looking in. But this isn't about me, its about the fact that so many people wake up morning after morning and hate what they see, hate their job, hate to shop only to have clothing not picking out what they wish they could, hate to have to walk around and FEEL like they aren't where they want to be. I don't look at exercising or self discipline as a way to show everyone what I got. I workout because it adds to my positivity, it satisfies my need my hunger for self righteousness, and it adds to me waking in the morning and smiling at myself in the mirror. Not for my man, not for modeling, not to show up other women. It's just so that I can wake up and enjoy being NAKED. It's something that I can control regardless of if the world around me is the exact opposite. No bra and panties JUST me and all that I'm physically made up and capable of. So what about you? How do you feel when your stripped of the world around you and required to take an honest look at yourself? Because even though my life is a whirlwind of decisive decision making I always have the most beautiful smile when its all under my feet spread messily on the floor. I love to be Naked.


  1. That's a great viewpoint to have on life and yourself. It's when we get to the rawest most basic elements of yourselves that we see whats really there. To be able to accept, be pleased with and then completely love yourself regardless of what the outside world is throwing at you is easier said then done, but well worth.

  2. I never knew you were into writing Summer, good job girl... All though I'm pretty sure i dont have the same enjoyment seeing myself naked haha.... ill just take a mental note of your image and smile on that one haha. Keep doin your thing and expressin yourself on here too its good to see another side of you

  3. Love this!