Saturday, May 30, 2009


With his new found fame and a smile that could melt butter, you believe him to be almost inhuman. Business deals, conference calls that invigorates that very industry that only moves to the talents of those who have the key to those golden gates. He dresses so plain yet glides so suave in his sweats and nikes. His mandatory list of things that no successful man should go without includes his whips, his home and the ladies he caresses without a single touch but gives them the visual satisfaction of an orgasmic night filled with passion through the VERY eyes they have had since birth as they skim over what they believe could be their's without physical efforts. It's funny what money does for you, but fame is a whole other conjunction of troubles and unrealistic broken boundaries. They show up in places that you know but only love the places you don't go. They make love to the women that you want the most, but wife up the ones that made it through the vicious "you should be a model" bit and remained themselves either encouraged or are just now making it out of the legal gates. Why do they get these reigns of knowledge that supposedly pours into our youth to better their minds and feed their humming souls? What makes talent "talent" these days? Where are the 2Pacs? Biggies? What makes you press the back button eagerly swaying to the beat as the entrance moves you the most. What makes your eyes remain closed as you dream so vividly past your desires into a realm of complete satisfaction, or what makes you bob your head as if your worries couldn't dare to compare to the struggle you live day to day while their freestyles FREE you. Women love them without any preliminary thoughts just a free pass for this industry man, and yet when he refuses to call your heart bleeds as if the effort wasn't just lust but a blinding love. You never loved him, you never knew him as we never knew him because even if everyone doubts this industry man he continues to strive for what he can not even see himself. He hungered in the beginning for this so called fame and fortune, mirror after blinding mirror he found out that his plan's needs changed like the wind. That industry man you wonder why he stays so secret when all you say to yourself is that he is THE ONE. But you forget that with one wrong turn he can fall and that industry man you desired so much with the extra lean in his step looks much duller, less extravagant and more regular than you would have ever imagined him. Poor industry man once admired for much and hated by many, to barely a phone call and bills are tormenting morning after morning. So what makes this industry man if his talent doesn't live beyond the length of his songs? how do you remain in an industry that doesn't even know what it's made of? Has lost its edge and in need of that deep penetration, real lyricism, and music from the soul. What makes that industry man truly talented in a time thats damn near TALENTLESS? In a time where a dance or happy meal comes with an album that isn't worth the packaging it came in? I guess we will never know what the industry man and his so called talents is worth these days, or is vain and non substance fame all that this industry has to offer this industry man with his industry dreams.


  1. Realist shit I ever read in a while.

  2. Hell, every guy that has a guest list at a club thinks their "industry" these guys.

    Another great read.Looking forward to more...